Decisions of the Tenth meeting of the Contracting Parties to theConvention for Cooperation in the Protection and Developmentof the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West, Centraland Southern African Region

UNEP(DEPI)/WACAF/COP.10 (11/16/2012)

Transformation of the Regional Coordination Unit into anExecutive Secretariat - Abidjan Convention National Implementation Committees - 2013-2015 Programme of Work - Terms of reference of the Bureau of the Abidjan Convention andRules of procedure of the meetings of the Abidjan Convention Bureau - Amendments to the text of the Abidjan Convention - Sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems in the area ofinfluence of the Abidjan Convention - Environmental standards for the offshore exploration andexploitation activities of mining and mineral resources off the coasts of the States Parties